Date = 1979

Country = USA

Type = Analogue


Drum Voices = 8

Rhythms = 32 (Preset)

Rhythm Combining = No









The last of the three Electro Harmonix DRM drum machines, the DRM-32 was the top of the range model (and the rarest).

Starting in 1978 with the red DRM-16, it was followed a year later by the blue DRM-15 (which was considerably cheaper due to a new memory chip which meant the machine could sell for half the price by sacrificing only one rhythm) and this one, the green DRM-32 which had (you guessed it), 32 rhythms.

DRM's were preset machines with 8 drum sounds... kick, snare, open & closed hi-hat, conga, wood block, space drum and a kind of cross between a handclap and a finger snap (or someone cracking their knuckles). Each machine had identical sounds and patterns (it was only the number of patterns that varied).

The stand-out sounds were the space-drum (a dooooo dooooo disco tom) and the snap sound. The hi-hats are exceptionally nice and sharp. What is so cool about the DRM though is that it is so ELECTRO and not many people have heard of them. No attempt at realism was made when this thing was dreamed up. This is just pure and simple '70s cheese-fest and the machine is perfect for Kraftwerk-style beats. Another bonus is that many of the sounds have a great deal of "analogue variation" in them (particularly the closed hats and snaps) and no hit sounds the same twice which, (if you use the multi-samples) can really spice up your rhythm tracks.









Sample Pack Info:













Recycle RX2 Loops:

Single drum hits (WAV):


This sample set contains 109 four bar loops. Every possible combination of the voice selection channels on every pattern is covered. The previews on the player use these voice channels "on-the-fly" but the loops themselves are separate for each sub-mix.

This set contains 174 individual drum hits:

16 Kicks, 32 Snares, 48 Hi-Hat/Cymbals and 78 Percussion Sounds.









What's so special about these sample packs? Quite simply, there isn't anywhere on the internet or in any commercial sample library where you can get this stuff. We made these samples because nobody else has.









All Dubsounds sample packs are sampled directly from our own drum machines. They are definitely NOT ripped from sample CD's, unlike many you see on Ebay at the moment, (which is a bit sad). All the rhythms are recorded directly into Pro-Tools from the machine's audio output and are not equalised, compressed or effected in any way. We want you to have the closest thing to the real machine as possible but with the added benefits of seamless integration into your VST host. The only thing we have done is to CAREFULLY remove any unwanted electrical noise and hum present in the signal, (if required) and taking extreme care to avoid damaging the delicate percussive transients. These samples were made for our own use first and foremost!









DRM-32 - Digital Rhythm Matrix - 109 loops - 174 hits - (57Mb download)









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