Welcome to the Dubsounds Vintage Drum Machine Archive:


The following machines are all part of the Dubsounds Studio collection and have been exhaustively sampled to obsessive levels to capture every nuance in a sample set that is as close to owning the real thing as possible, with the added advantage of complete integration into a VST environment. The reason for making these samples was because nobody else has been crazy enough to go as far as we have. These are by far the best sample sets available anywhere. Please take time to read the following information which explains how the loops are produced and how to make the best use of them in your music.

Please ensure that you have software capaple of playing back RX2 files before buying our sample packs. RX2's will not open on their own. If in doubt, try out our free samples first.


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Important Information (no yawning please):


25% of these machines can still be downloaded for free, but we've had to charge a nominal fee to cover the running costs of providing the massive amounts of data contained in some of the larger sample sets, (as large as 125 Mb in some cases).


A VERY Good Question! Well presented; deserves an answer...


Q: Why there are there so many samples of the isolated drum samples, when they all sound exactly the same?


We were really pleased to receive this question from one of our customers. It can be easy to forget when you're a die-hard analogue-head that not everyone else realises what is going on inside an old analogue beatbox. Does your mother know? Of course not (and she wouldn't care to). In fact under closer scrutiny, a lot of people who provide samples of old drum machines don't know this either, (that's why you're safer with us).

You see if it were that simple, why the hell would we go to the trouble of cutting up 250+ single hits from a drum machine with only 11 percussion sounds? Well we're not insane! (sorry if you thought so).

You see an analogue device cannot play the same sound exactly the same way twice. Each time a snare drum is played it differs subtly from the last and should that sound appear with other sounds at the same time (hi-hats etc.) the effect is even more pronounced. This is an effect of analogue filtering and the load on the filters at any given time. So no... not the same, (similar yes but never identical). It's exactly the same as a real drummer hitting a snare with a stick. It's one of the main reasons we love analogue, because the effect is so damn musical. It's also the reason why we always provide FOUR bars with all our loops when everyone else just gives you a measly one.

It's all about realism and providing quality sampling that gets as close to the real thing as possible.


Previewing Large Drum Machine Sample Sets:


Audio previews for the drum machines we charge for are no longer provided on the information pages. Instead, you will see an integrated media player link. Click the image (left) to start the player.


When you load the player, you will see a list of directories for each machine. Simply click on the + sign to open the directory and then click on any loop you would like to hear. Alternatively, you can click the first loop and have the player play through them all sequentially. If you wish to navigate back to the main menu, click on the upward arrow. You only need to open one instance of the player as all the machines are included.


Please note that all the drum machine loops we provide are not doctored in any way. They are sampled directly from the machine's outputs and are not EQ'ed or compressed. The previews however, have been hard-limited in order to get a decent audio level from the media player and are low quality to enable streaming audio. If you have any doubts, try some of our free loops which are recorded with the same painstaking attention to detail.