Resources: Polymoog Sound Clips
  Rep Intro: This has to be the most definitive example of Vox Humana! This is the live intro version of Gary Numan's "Replicas" played with nothing more than a touch of reverb. This was the first thing I recorded on my 280a.
  Polynopedies: Erik Satie's "Trois Gymnopedies" played on Vox Humana with nothing more than a touch of concert hall reverb. A very good friend of mine paid me the honour of having this recording played at his wedding a few months ago.
  PPNM: This starts with a drone on A (unprocessed) - then the classic MXR Phase 100 is switched in on a fast mod to emulate the intro to "Cars" by Gary Numan. The rate is then dropped to a slow sweep and more classic "Numanisms" follow.
  Vox Celeste - Heimcomputer: Believe me... this IS Vox Humana. This is one of my favourite variations of the sound using the VAR synth controls. The attack is zeroed making the sound percussive and that spectacularly illusive modulation, (that is seemingly so impossible to sample or re-create) is also heavily modified to provide a very electro plucked string sound, very reminiscent of Kraftwerk circa 1981.
    More Polymoog sound examples
All clips are played and recorded by Shaun Brooks, any likeness to any existing song is purely deliberate. Please remember that these clips took a lot of time and are not to be used or linked anywhere outside of the Polymoog Owners Club pages... ta!