Initial inspection and dismantling. Original un-restored patch selector panel and pitch ribbon surround (dismantled). Selector buttons & pitch ribbon electronics. Control panel.
A modulator card. The 12m is the factory tested value for the Polycom chip (each chip varied and had to be hand tested). A resistor is soldered between the caps to achieve the factory spec value, balancing the brightness of the sound. TL Board. This shows a botched repair where the bus connector from the keyboard was hard soldered due to a broken connector plug. This was undone and a proper replacement fitted. Key contacts which require cleaning. This view is the underside of the keyboard. Keys removed to expose the key combs and bushes. As sold this PM had a dead key and the keyboard was in bad shape requiring a total rebushing and refit. This is common on all Polymoogs due to age.
The bushes are the plastic pieces on the end of each key comb and almost always are the first thing to be replaced on any Pratt & Reed keyboard. Keyboard chassis cleaned and bushes removed. New replacement bushes were specially ordered. Voice selector panel after a touch up paint job. The legend for each sound is printed on a silver reflective tape. Fortunately this is un-damaged. The voice selector and pitch ribbon cleaned, painted and remounted.