Date = 1982

Country = Japan

Type = Analogue

Drum Voices = 7

Rhythms = 12 + 12 Fills (Preset)

Rhythm Combining = Yes







There aren't many analogue Yamaha drum machines around. We've looked around and it appears that they only released one commercially (the MR-10 from 1982). We heard about the drum machine that was built into Stevie Wonder's space ship but that would be a bit out of our league.

Looking back, there wasn't anything about the design of the MR-10 that was going to set the world alight, (even for 1982) but as you're about to discover, this uninspiring plastic box did have a few tricks hidden under that grey plastic case...

The VHS tape sized MR-10 offered a global tuning* control for the voices, separate level controls for the kick and the hi-hat, (handy) an automatic fill-in per rhythm which could be set to go off every 4 or 8 bars, (or not at all) and five little drum pads which had no use whatsoever but were fun for about five minutes when you first started tapping on them. The rhythms came in two banks of six but you could combine every single rhythm within that bank if you wished, (how did six rhythms at once sound?). What was really cool is that where you had different time signatures clashing, (like 3/4 waltz, 4/4 swing and 4/4 rock) the thing would go berserk and starts creating crazy patterns which were still musically correct (just mad). This combination effect also worked on the fills too.


* For sampling purposes, we found a tuning we liked and stuck with it for this sample set, but in the single hits pack, (coming soon) we will be including all the tuning variations.


What we love about this little one-off from Yamaha, is that it has a completely original sound. The snare drum is the first thing that grabs you. It sounds a little like an '80s Simmons kit. Everything about each sound is different to what everyone else was doing at the time. In some ways it sounds quite cheap and toy-like but when you dig out real toys like the Mattel Synsonics kits, you suddenly realise that the sound is far better!







This is exactly the sort of thing to be looking out for if you want to wander away from the pack and try out something a little more adventurous in your music. As it is, or re-programmed into your own beats, there won't be a lot of "drum machine spotters" out there that will be able to twig this one.








By the way... we are serious drum machine spotters







Sample Pack Info:











Recycle RX2 Loops:

Single drum hits (WAV):

This sample set contains 44 four bar loops of all 12 rhythms in all possible combinations with each other plus a further 35 four bars loops of sub-mixes without hats, snares and kicks. Fills are included on the last bar of every loop.

There are no individual drum hits included in this sample pack at the moment but individual sounds can easily be extracted from the RX2 loops.







What's so special about these sample packs? Quite simply, there isn't anywhere on the internet or in any commercial sample library where you can get this stuff. We made these samples because nobody else has.







All Dubsounds sample packs are sampled directly from our own drum machines. They are definitely NOT ripped from sample CD's, unlike many you see on Ebay at the moment, (which is a bit sad). All the rhythms are recorded directly into Pro-Tools from the machine's audio output and are not equalised, compressed or effected in any way. We want you to have the closest thing to the real machine as possible but with the added benefits of seamless integration into your VST host. The only thing we have done is to CAREFULLY remove any unwanted electrical noise and hum present in the signal, (if required) and taking extreme care to avoid damaging the delicate percussive transients. These samples were made for our own use first and foremost!







Yamaha MR-10 - 79 loops - (70Mb download)








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