Date = 1976

Country = England

Type = Analogue

Drum Voices = 4

Rhythms = 12 (Preset)

Rhythm Combining = No



This tiny brushed aluminium box, (about the size of a CD case) was Electro-Harmonix's first drum machine dating back to 1976. It was designed to appeal to guitarists, (hence the foot-pedal look). The machine was made in the UK by a company called "Soundtech" and sold under the Harmonix name.

Early examples actually have an EH sticker over the Soundtech name, (although it was never marketed by anyone other than Harmonix). Because it was licensed, it looks unusual for an EH product in that it doesn't use any standard components found in the rest of the EH range.

The unit was powered by an external 18v DC supply with a " mono output. There was virtually no control other than for tempo but who cares? The start/stop button was a "live" jack socket which was triggered by touch (similar to the start bar on the Roland TR-77). The sounds were as crappy as you might expect by looking at it which nowadays makes it all the more fun. That said, it was still a lot better than something like the Mattel Synsonics kit. It only had four percussion sounds (if you exclude the accented kick) and the snare was just terrible (yesssss )







Using one today... in isolation, the kick is very good, (similar to the sort of thing Kraftwerk or the Human League had on their late '70s records) and sounds better than the kick on the later DRM units (strangely enough). The fun really begins when you run this through some vintage effects pedals like an Electric Mistress or an MXR Phaser, add some splashy spring reverb, compression and really mash it up. You can either take the uber-cheesey preset loops or make your own rhythms from the multi-samples. It's up to you, but this is one that will create some surprising beats that you won't be too precious about crushing to oblivion...







PREVIEW: Rhythm 12 (Dubsounds Mash-Up Demo)







Rhythm 12 Single Hits Pack - 104 sounds


RHYTHM-12 - ALL RHYTHM PATTERNS: (all patterns are in Recycle RX-2 format)







01. TANGO (Demo)

01. TANGO (Loop)


02. WALTZ (Demo)

02. WALTZ (Loop)


03. DISCO (Demo)

03. DISCO (Loop)


04. ROCK 1 (Demo)

04. ROCK 1 (Loop)


05. ROCK 2 (Demo)

05. ROCK 2 (Loop)


06. SWING 1 (Demo)

06. SWING 1 (Loop)


07. SWING 2 (Demo)

07. SWING 2 (Loop)


08. SLOW ROCK (Demo)

08. SLOW ROCK (Loop)


09. LATIN 1 (Demo)

09. LATIN 1 (Loop)


10. LATIN 2 (Demo)

10. LATIN 2 (Loop)


11. LATIN 3 (Demo)

11. LATIN 3 (Loop)


12. REGGAE (Demo)

12. REGGAE (Loop)


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