Date = 1981

Country = Japan

Type = Analogue

Drum Voices = 3

Rhythms = 10 (Preset)

Rhythm Combining = No



Released in 1981, the Casio VL Tone, (VL-1) seemed an amazing gizmo at the time. It was a synth, a sequencer, a drum machine AND a calculator all in one! Bearing in mind, this was the same year that Kraftwerk released their "Pocket Calculator" single from their awesome "Computer World", (a track constructed from electronic toy instruments) and The Human League used nothing but the "Fantasy" preset for their track "Get Carter". How could anybody not want one?

The novelty for most of us that remember owning a VL Tone soon wore off however. Once Trio released their incredibly irritating "Da Da Da" it was all over and most of us would have unceremoniously thrown it in the back of a cupboard by then ;o)

It's a bit pointless doing a detailed write up. In all honesty, it's already been done as well as we could have done on wikipedia so if you want to find out more, click here...

The sound this thing makes is... well appalling really! The rhythms are created entirely from two pitched tones and a white noise burst and bear no resemblance to "drum sounds" in the slightest. It's also extremely recognisable so the only way you would get away with using this thing is if you felt the need to be ridiculously kitsch and retro, (nothing wrong with that). Anyhow, having found this thing, it seemed churlish to not throw it up on the site anyway for those of you that "must have" these things.


VL TONE - ALL RHYTHM PATTERNS: (all patterns are in Recycle RX-2 format)







01. MARCH (Demo)

01. MARCH (Loop)


02. WALTZ (Demo)

02. WALTZ (Loop)


03. FOUR-BEAT (Demo)

03. FOUR-BEAT (Loop)


04. SWING (Demo)

04. SWING (Loop)


05. ROCK 1 (Demo)

05. ROCK 1 (Loop)


06. ROCK 2 (Demo)

06. ROCK 2 (Loop)


07. BOSSANOVA (Demo)

07. BOSSANOVA (Loop)


08. SAMBA (Demo)

08. SAMBA (Loop)


09. RHUMBA (Demo)

09. RHUMBA (Loop)


10. BEGUINE (Demo)

10. BEGUINE (Loop)


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